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Mid Life


My Long and winding road

An ongoing struggle with my weight and digestive issues since puberty has led me on a nearly life-long journey to find health-enhancing lifestyle choices. I have been fortunate in that my weight has generally not meant diabetes, high blood pressure and the rest of the common ailments for me. However, I am in what, at times, seems to be an elusive search for the lifestyle choices that allow me to feel and look my best.

Growing up with a father who was a doctor, I have always had a deep interest in health and well-being as well as access to cutting-edge information. I remember discussing and reading a lot of things, that have stuck with me through the years. 

From a young age, it was clear to me that my health was in my own hands. My father was a beloved and great doctor, but I always understood that his ability to help others was enhanced by his authentic interest in hearing and seeing people. 

No one knows more about my health than me. The same applies to each of us. This truth can transform our relationship with the world and with ourselves.


The Opportunity

Almost a decade ago, I experienced a variety of subclinical symptoms making me feel like a different person. So after some hesitation, I went to my doctor and described my situation. She recommended that I visit a barrage of specialists. I decided there had to be something I could try before heading down that path.

This was the opportunity I needed to slow down and pay attention to my body. The shift was profound and led me on a series of major lifestyle changes that have led me to this.

Seeing my friends and family struggle with their own health concerns has changed my perspectives on weight loss and health. I used to feel like I was in a battle with my body, as if it were some stranger interfering in my life. Somehow, my mind had a different idea of what it should be or do. From that perspective aging is distressing, The body can never meet the mind’s unrealistic expectations.

At this point in my life, I am more concerned with qualitative things than quantitative ones. Rather than a number on a scale or a clothing size, I concern myself with how I feel energetically, emotionally and spiritually.

A Change of Perspective



Our life expectancy is now well past what our ancestors would have known. Concerns about longer life have been replaced with a search for quality of life into our later years. Maintaining health is key to that.


We are only as old as our energy levels. We all know friends and family in their 80s and 90s who are brimming with energy and a lust for life.

Peace of Mind

Health and energy are connected to our mindset. Some folks are seeking happiness, but true joy comes from peace of mind and knowing oneself.

We have allowed the mind to bulldoze the body instead of partnering with it. There is great wisdom in our bodies to be unearthed. A deeper connection and listening reveals so many things, for example, that the bacteria we have been waging war with for decades are actually our friends who in partnership with us keep us healthy.

What I know for sure is that everybody is unique and has their own specific needs for optimal health. There is no “one size fits all” solution. There isn’t even a single answer for my own life. Different seasons of my life have required different choices.

I used to find the changes unsettling. Now I am learning to take pleasure in the discovery of new ways of being.

Perhaps this is life. Seeking to be a little more tuned in each day. Join me on this journey of discovery of what makes me, me and what makes you, you.





The information on this website is NOT medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Before making any changes please seek advice from a medical professional.

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